Research & Development

Research and Development activities focus on the continuous elaboration of products and productive technologies that satisfy, in advance, the market needs: the investments in technological innovation are therefore an element of strategic valence for
Zoppas Industries.

The guide lines of developments projects are represented by study and research of solutions to increase profit, control and design; guaranteeing security, quality, reliability, environmental compatibility, simple application and limited consumption; reduce the times of development and improve productive process.

Zoppas Industries Heating Element Technologie s: The R&D department is made of researchers, engineers and technicians devoted to the constant research of new products and process solutions. The structures dedicated to the R&D are equipped with up-to-date software Computer Aided Design (CAD), calculation of finished elements (FEA), instruments and softwares for testing and validating, IR and X-ray cameras, electrical measuring instruments, analytical equipments like electronic microscopes, spectrophotometers at atomic absorption and IR-UV, thermoanalysers, life cycle simulators.

SIPA: five laboratory machines are available to prototype new containers new processes, new materials. The bottle quality lab performs all major physical and mechanical tests on containers, preforms, films and resins.