Zoppas Industries SpA is the parent company of an Industrial Group which operates in the following business segments:

Heating components.
The Group produces through IRCA S.p.A. heating components for small and major household appliances (which include cooking, white goods, room comfort heating and refrigeration) and industrial systems;

Systems for the production of plastic containers. Design and manufacturing of complete PET injection and blowing molds; complete filling lines, hot runner systems and heating elements.
The Group develops through SIPA S.p.A. ("SIPA") manufacturing systems for the production of Polyethylene Terephthalate ("PET") plastic containers for beverages, food and non-food products, production of injection and blowing molds for PET, “Turn-key” filling lines (complete responsibility for the whole manufacturing line), Hot Runners Systems and manufacturing of heating elements.

The Group maintains 11 manufacturing facilities located in 8 countries. Its products have strong international appeal, with approximately 33% of revenue for the year 2000 derived from sales in Italy, 23.5% in Europe (excluding Italy), 43.5% in the rest of the world.